Saint Ciriaco, the Church of Ancona patron

The Church of  Saint Ciriaco stands onto the top of Guasco hill dominating a very spectacular position. It is the main church of the capital of Marche and its name is due to Ciriaco, a saint bishop coming from Armenia. During the second century a.C. Ciriaco was elected as martyr and was elevated to dignity of Ancona patron saint. The St Ciriaco cathedral, that is one of the most important Italian medieval churches, is actually Archdiocese official centre.

Saint Ciriaco, the Church of Ancona patron

It is a high example of Roman art in which there are miscellaneous elements of Byzantine and Gothic arts, being also one of the most important instances of this style in Italy.

The inner side of St Ciriaco Church is a marvellous example of fusion of Roman, Gothic and Byzantine styles. The faςade is proceeded by staircase that opens itself on a Gothic-Roman and Gothic styles porch; once, that staircase was supported by four columns. Now there remains two large sculptures of red granite lions, while on the faςade there is the portal with Roman-Gothic style too.

The building belongs to 1230 and was made by the artist Giorgio da Como. The cupola  has been erected in the point of intersection of the structure wings, conveying elegance and harmony to the cathedral.

Its realization has been attributed to Margheritone da Arezzo. Peculiar characteristic of St Ciriaco cathedral is bell tower built on 1314.
The latter structural revision has been effected after the 1972 earthquake that destroyed huge part of the old city of Ancona.

St Ciriaco FairEvery year on the 4th of May Ancona inhabitants celebrate their own patron saint; the name of the event is strictly related to the patron having the name of “St Ciriaco Fair” and for decades it has been one of the most awaited popular events in the city. As for fairy tradition, a predominant sector is the street trader one – about 400 per year – that every year open their stands on Pertini Sq and on Vittoria blvd, occupying the side ways and the central path arriving till the Passetto War Memorial.

Besides of a considerable number of expositors promoting products of Marche Region territory, there are many other Italian regions represented, such as: Alto Adige, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Toscana, Umbria, Lazio, Campania, Puglia, Calabria, Sicilia and Sardegna, all together oriented to tastiness and typicality.

The Fair closes with the “Tombola of St Ciriaco” (a sort of bingo), organized and arranged by Croce Gialla (first aid volunteers association); you can buy the score cards at the sales points located along the fair walk and the draw happens at the 19:00 on the last day in Largo XXIV May, just in front of the City Hall building. The founds gained are destined to sustain the Croce Gialla volunteers action.

The map of the Church:

Map of  Duomo San Ciriaco

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