The Frasassi Caves

The Frasassi Caves are in Genga and they are subterranean Karstic caves located in the inner side of the Gola della Rossa and the Frasassi natural park belonging to the district of Genga Municipality (Ancona Province). This is a enchanting and magic world visited by thousands of tourists, composed by both small and huge groups of Italian and foreign ones. A “subterranean set” of about 30 kms dislocated over 8 different geological levels.

When you will have the pleasure to visit it, even having the time to participate at a speleological route, you will live a exclusive emotion in order to discover the Abyss of Ancona, the Grotta dei Giganti, the Lago Cristallizzato and the Sala delle Candeline.

In fact, there are several possible routes inside the caves:

The first one is the touristic route where you will be accompanied by professional guides; it is an organized route, easily accessible by everyone. It covers 1,5 kms and it lasts over 70 mins; it is an underground walk surrounded by the silence of a hidden world.  The Frasassi Caves

The second route called the adventure route is harder than the former one, but lively advised by whom had lived it, in order to fully live the caves environment feeling very rare and unique sensations. This second route inside the Frasassi Caves has been realized to answer to the numerous demands made by the speleological walks lovers. The Frasassi Authority provided for two adventure routes of different difficulty levels: the blue route (lasting about two hours) and the red one (about 3 hours long). Equipment will be provided by the Authority and you will penetrate in narrow tunnels discovering by yourself the subterranean fantastic labyrinth and the wonders that only Frasassi Caves can give you.

For speleological visits, please book one week in advance dialing phone number +39 0732.90090/90080 or write via e-mail:
Please, go to the ticket office 30 mins in advance.

The Caves and the Museum closing days are: 4th and 25th December, 1st and from 10th up to 30th January.

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