The Offagna Rock and the Medieval Festivals

The Rock is a symbol of the ancient medieval village of Offagna. It was built up between 1454 and 1456 and it immediately had a remarkable rule in the transitional military architecture history, following medieval fortification themes, and as defense against the attacks of the near Osimo.

The Offagna Rock

Having quadrangular plan, the Offagna Rock distinguishes itself because the presence of a Mastio over 30 metres high – house of the lord of the castle – having a bronze bell dated 1477, and it was used to alert the people of a imminent danger. The Mastio, tower of command and highest point of sighting, was also given the charge of advanced defensive building compared to the south-eastern frontline. Provided with a walling, reinforced with towers, the Rock is a rare example of transitional fortification most probably the result of the great talent of Lombard workers.

The watch-tower is located as defense of a double entrance; it was provided with two drawbridges: one for pedestrian use, and the other one to allow the entrance in the Rock of voluminous goods. There was also a third drawbridge placed on the northern side over the base of the Torre del Pozzo (Tower of the Well).

The corridors and secret passages, powerful wallings, the towers and the donjons scattered in strategic points, give to the Offagna Rock the title of one of the most beautiful examples of construction military art during Middle Age.

The Rock sets in its inner rooms temporary shows and an interesting collection of ancient weapons, starting from prehistory till up to modern epoch. Very interesting would be a visit to the Museum of Natural Sciences “Paolucci”, whose vast collection of fauna and flora evidences allow a deep knowledge of Marche natural varieties.

In July – on the 21st – 28th of 2012 – in the inner rooms of the Rock will set Medieval Fairs that, with their historical recalling, make live habits and customs of that magic period again. Among the numerous activities and events offered there is a wide range of amusing and singular shows inspired time by time to different themes, such as:
Falconry Exhibition with Flying hawks;
Puppets Show;
Battle field and scenes of medieval lifestyle;
Game corner, weapons, representations and magic shows;
Exhibition of the Avalon Company;
Flags waving with surrounding rolling drums;
Military lifestyle scenes into a settlement field nearby walls of the Rock;
Fortune–tellers, chiromancers and astrologists are at your full disposal;
The whole village is animated by jesters, artists, minstrels, villains announcing: “Offagna, Village of Magic and Mistery”.
Spectacular are the Taverns, reconstructed with care of details by the Offagna courters: Croce, Sacramento, San Bernardino and Torrione; they are all set into a perfectly preserved medieval scenario.

How to reach the Offagna Rock

Offagna is far only 8 kms from highway exit Ancona Sud – Osimo. You can reach it from Ancona port by renting a car, by taking a taxi or catching a bus. For more info about timetable, you can easily connect to the of Port Authority website –
For more info about Conero Bus line that links you to the main towns you can connect to their web site

Opening Timetable

From 25th April to 30th June
Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays : 10,00 – 12,30 / 16,30 – 19,30
From 1st July to 15th September
Everyday : 10,00 – 12,30 / 16,30 – 19,30
From 15th to 30th September
Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays : 10,00 – 12,30 / 16,30 – 19,30
From 1st October to 24th April
Booking at the phone number: +39 071.7107552

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