Ancona War Memorial | Passetto

When you visit Ancona, an important destination in your tour is Passetto neighbourhood, where there is  the War Memorial, one of the main historic monuments of Ancona, better known as Passetto Monument commemorating the second world-war victims. You can reach it coming up from the port, then crossing Cavour Sq. up to the long tree-lined Vittoria Avenue.

Entirely Istria stone made, being inaugurated in 1930 following the plan of Guido Crilli, it is strongly influenced by fascism era patterns. You can clearly observe it by seeing at the fasces decorating its structure frieze, at the helms and the swords, respectively symbolizing defense and attack during the fighting.

Ancona War Memorial | Passetto

The monument is circular shape and consists of eight  fluted columns ending on Doric capitals. In its middle you can see a little altar. On its fastigium you will read some lines of the great Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi (born at Recanati, few kms from Ancona):
   Beatissimi voi,
   Ch’offriste il petto alle nemiche lance
   Per amor di costei ch’al Sol vi diede
(All’Italia, an excerpt from Canti by Giacomo Leopardi; lines 84-86)

The structure stands on a double staircase, and when you are on its top, you will admire the very special view opening to your sight. In summertime, and with a clear sky, you can even  a sight of Croatia. Going down the staircases you will arrive at a beach called by Ancona people the Passetto beach, where you can have a nice walk at the open air, in winter time too, admiring the exceptional Passetto Caves that were dug inside the cliff falling sheer to the sea on the early ‘900 by the fishermen, in order to recover small fishing and pleasure boats and to find a  little of shade during summer sunny days.

We want to advise you a bar standing in the pinewood at the left side of the Monument: there you can taste ice creams and aperitifs.

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