The moscioli of Portonovo of Ancona tipicity of Conero Riviera

The moscioli of Portonovo of Ancona

In Ancona the moscioli are non-breeding mussels spontaneously reproducing on tracts of reefs in Portonovo of Ancona area, and exactly on the tract of coast that goes from Pietralacroce until the beach of Sassi Neri (black Stones) at Sirolo. They are the wild equivalent of breeding mussels and they settle the underwater side of reefs […]

Eating ice cream in Ancona

Eating ice cream in Ancona

Handicrafetd ice cream cannot be considered a typical product of Ancona gastronomy; but, in the capitol there are some shops that deserve to be mentioned for the quality and creativity of the ice cream flavours they offer to the ones having a sweet tooth.  Among those ones deserving a sure mention there is the “Cremeria […]

The vincisgrassi, Ancona typical first course, in honour of an Austrian prince against Napoleon


Visiting Ancona and sitting at the table of a restaurant you can miss anything but tasting the famous “vincisgrassi”, typical dish of cultural and gastronomical world of Ancona. The vincisgrassi, described as princisgras, appear for the first time in “Il Cuoco Maceratese” (The Cook from Macerata) defined by Antonio Nebbia in 1783. The legend from […]

Stockfish cooked as for Ancona recipe, gastronomic symbol in honour of Norwegian Lofoten Islands

Stockfish cooked as for Ancona recipe

In a town that makes the sea one of its most important communication symbols, everything can miss but the taste of the famous “stoccafisso all’anconitana” (stockfish cooked as for Ancona recipe). The Stoccafisso all’anconitana is surely one of Ancona typical dishes if not even its gastronomic symbol. It is so important that it has been […]

The Crocette (Sea Slugs) | Ancona typical shellfish dish

The Crocette | Sea Slugs

Among species belonging to marine fauna of Ancona area there is a characteristic shellfish named “crocetta” (lit. “little cross”). The crocetta, whose Italian name is “garagolo”, is a shellfish belonging to the family of gasteropod provided with a shell with a particular shape, so as to make it like a pelican foot with which it […]

Verdicchio, a typical oenological product of Ancona Province

Verdicchio, a typical oenological product

When we use to talk about Ancona and its Province, it comes immediately up to our mind identifying with them one of the most famous products: the “Verdicchio”. It is a vine exclusively cultivated in Marche Region, with white berry and suitable for the production of fresh wines with a remarkable longevity; it can be […]

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