Morro D’Alba, a Historical Small Village with its Lacrima

Morro D’Alba, a Historical Small Village with its Lacrima

When you are in Ancona or in whichever place in Marche and you hear talking about Morro D’Alba, they will immediately match this name not to a place but to an Ancona oenological typical product: the famous Lacrima di Morro D’Alba. Morro D’Alba is a small village at 200 metres a.s.l. placed in Ancona hinterland, […]

Fabriano, through History, Art, Culture and Mountain to enjoy

Fabriano, through History, Art, Culture and Mountain to enjoy

Fabriano, known all over the world for its paper factories, is a town in Ancona Province placed in a valley characterized by gentle hills and surrounded by the mountains of Umbrian-of the Marches Apennines over 325 metres a.s.l. its strategic position on the territory allowed since remote times old settlements of stable communities. It is […]

The Sanctuary of Loreto Holy House

Sanctuary of Loreto Holy House

“The Loreto Holy House is the first Sanctuary of International importance dedicated to the Virgin and the true Marian heart of Christianity”. (Pope John Paul II) Loreto, a small town of Ancona Province, is known all over the world for its Sanctuary that makes it one of the most important places of pilgrimage and pray […]

The Offagna Rock and the Medieval Festivals

The Offagna Rock

The Rock is a symbol of the ancient medieval village of Offagna. It was built up between 1454 and 1456 and it immediately had a remarkable rule in the transitional military architecture history, following medieval fortification themes, and as defense against the attacks of the near Osimo. Having quadrangular plan, the Offagna Rock distinguishes itself […]

The underground Camerano


Far few kms from Ancona, set in the natural environment of Conero Park, you will find out Camerano. It was one of Ancon castles and it was used as defensive line of Conero area, together with the castles of Sirolo, Varano, Poggio and Massignano. Camerano fame is due to its caves, an extraordinary system of […]

The Frasassi Caves

The Frasassi Caves | Genga Ancona

The Frasassi Caves are in Genga and they are subterranean Karstic caves located in the inner side of the Gola della Rossa and the Frasassi natural park belonging to the district of Genga Municipality (Ancona Province). This is a enchanting and magic world visited by thousands of tourists, composed by both small and huge groups […]

Castelfidardo: through history and music

Marche National Monument

Castelfidardo is situated not so far from the sea, dominating from its hill the Musone Valley and the area of Aspio. It is known throughout the world for its famous music instruments factories, such as accordions, keyboards and organs. When passing by this places, you are invited to go and visit the Accordion International Museum, […]

Cormorant Park at Falconara Marittima

Cormorant Park at Falconara Marittima

Afar few kms from Ancona, driving toward north up to Senigallia, you can come across with one of the main rivers of Ancona province: river Esino. Nearby its right bank you can admire medieval castle of Rocca Priora, provided with the classic drawbridge. Indeed, we invite you to focus your attention moreover on the left […]

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