Eating ice cream in Ancona

Handicrafetd ice cream cannot be considered a typical product of Ancona gastronomy; but, in the capitol there are some shops that deserve to be mentioned for the quality and creativity of the ice cream flavours they offer to the ones having a sweet tooth. Eating ice cream in Ancona Among those ones deserving a sure mention there is the “Cremeria Rosa” that you meet nearby Ancona port area and Muse theatre.

It was founded in 1980 as ice-cream shop, and, besides of handicraft ice cream, they offer also both fruit and milk shakes, and desserts; it’s some years they are offering also a very good restaurant service.

The other ice-cream shop that we are warmly advising you for their handicraft product quality offer is the “Gelateria Martini”; you meet them either in Corso Carlo Alberto (boulevard placed between Ugo Bassi Sq and Ancona railway station) and in Pertini Sq.


61, Corso Mazzini – 60131 Ancona (AN)

GELATERIA MARTINI – Rosati Laura & C. Sas

17, Marsala Str – 60121 Ancona (AN)
Ph.: +39 071 200007

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