Numana: holidays in Conero Riviera among sea and nature

Numana is a small town far 20 kms from Ancona. It overlooks the sea in the wonderful setting of the Conero Riviera; in fact, its environment is included for more than 90% inside the Conero Natural Park.

As summertime special holiday resort, Numana offers to whom decide to spend their time excitements and unforgettable moments.

The small built up area of upper Numana – looking like the close Sirolo – is placed on the top of a cliff dropping sheer into the sea: it is a web of steep narrow streets full of history, with white limestone buildings, and the tight alleys of “Torre” (Tower) zone.
Whereas the lower Numana is the small tourist harbor area, and the promenade going down towards south is characterized by many tourist facilities and buildings and bathing establishments. Numana includes three hamlets: Taunus, Marcelli and Svarchi.

Numana: holidays in Conero Riviera among sea and nature

What to see in Numana:

The Crucifix

The Crucifix, a wooden Romanesque sculpture, is contained in the Crucifix Sanctuary built up between 1561 and 1566, and successively restored in 1968 because a structural danger made it unsafe. The tradition attributes the work to the evangelist Luca, realized shortly after Christ burial. Carried to Syria during the Crusades Period, it was worshipped by Charles the Great according to certain – even if supposed – prodigies, and then was given to Pope Leone III. It arrived to Numana because of a violent storm that forced the Emperor and his retinue to land at Numana port and to leave the relic at the St. Giovanni Battista Church. As the time passed, it was forgotten until 1924, when some fishermen found it out in the sea, only after that a sea-quake made falling part of the cliff which the old village stretches on top of.

The Fountain

Built up using old stones found before 1663, it was commissioned by its inhabitants in order to be used by pilgrims. You can see it at Morelli Str, between the Sanctuary and the Parrish house. Its 5 mouths take water from an old Roman Age staple.

numana-scalinata-enThe Bishop’s Palace

It was built up in 1773 as summer residence for Ancona Bishops; then, it was got by Italian State in 1911. After having been used as an accordion factory since 1966, it was completely restored and given back to the Municipality in 1983, when became the definitive office for the Town Hall.

The Tower

Located in the most panoramic view of the town: it’s worth visiting it!! Being the only medieval ruin of this very ancient town, it is considered what remains of the old St Giovanni Parrish, after the 1930 earthquake. In fact, it was used as Bell tower, and in its lower side also as for Church Sacristy. Once lost its aspect of tower, now it has an arch appearance.

The State Antiquarium

The State Antiquarium stands behind the Town Hall. It is an archeological museum established and opened to public since 1974; it contains numerous archeological ruins found in Sirolo and Numana, and among them there is a part of the rich set, with the ruins of the ancient chariot, of the “Sirolo Picene Princess Grave”- found out in the archeological area of the necropolis at the “I Pini” place in Sirolo. The Numana and Sirolo archeological finds are also contained in some important world museums, such as the British Museum in London and the Metropolitan in New York.

The Tourist Port

In the lower Numana you will find the Tourist Port, one of the two tourist landing places present in Marche. Over several years it is awarded with the Blue Flag for the services they offer and the meticulous environmental management.

The Excursions

For the trekking and walk lovers we advise you the chance to make a series of mountain hikes on the Conero, either going on search of its geological, botanic and faunal aspects, of historic ones (Hermitage, Roman Caves, and so on…),and also going down to the seaside walking along as impassable as charming paths, such as the Wolf Pass. The Conero Natural Park official paths are 18, and it is available a map both at the Park and the next Tour Offices, together with the one more specific, dedicated to the geological aspects.

Scuba Diving

For the scuba diving lovers, we advise you that Numana hosts the Conero Mountain Scuba Point. Into these sea waters, with depths that go from 4 to 18 metres, and around at its numerous and wide shoals composed by huge dimensioned reefs, it is possible to explore Conero sea and its wonderful shallows, to watch its rich fauna (cuttlefishes, squids, basses, giltheads, lobsters) set into this splendid and coloured sea environment.
Please, do not miss the superb ice cream of Morelli Ice-Cream Shop in the town centre.

The sea wonders:

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