The Senigallia Round Terrace on the Sea

When we talk about Senigallia we immediately identify it with two images: one of the so called “spiaggia di velluto” (velvet beach) and the other one named “Rotonda sul Mare”(Round Terrace on the Sea), even sang by Italian singer Fred Bongusto. The Round Terrace on the sea is an important structure built up on a wooden platform over Senigallia coastline; it was conceived for either hydrotherapy and recreational purposes and it was projected by Vincenzo Ghinelli about the second half of the nineteenth century.
The Round Terrace on the sea is the result of multiple misfortunes, destructions, projects and reconstructions, and it passed by a public management to a private one several times; it was even used as military store during war period. The old pile-work Over the years its history has been very tormented. On July 1935 the 7th the Prince Umberto of Savoy came to Senigallia to celebrate inauguration of the Marine Colony Maria Pia of Savoy and to visit the Round Terrace on the Sea pointing out the more and more touristic mark of Senigallia. It was inaugurated in July 1933 and soon became one of the most qualified places for jet set and music entertainment.

After the second world-war period, and especially during fifties and sixties, it came back to the centre of jet set life attracting numerous tourists and high level Italian pop music artists. During eighties, unfortunately the structure fell into decay, becoming even inaccessible. Only in 2006 it was inaugurated again.
Nowadays the Round Terrace has become for Senigallia a meeting-place for its inhabitants and for those tourists who love spending their summer nights – and not only those – walking on the wonderful sea-front full of clubs and entertainment shows.


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